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windtrotter brussels griffon

National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc. The object of NBGR is to spay or neuter and place rescued dogs in qualified pet homes. To help you identify this breed, please refer to the following description and the pictures we have included here.

The Brussels Griffon is a small toy dog, usually weighing between pounds. He comes in two coats, a smooth coat like a Pug or a Boxer and a rough coat like a Schnauzer. He comes in 4 colors: red which can be from buff color to deep mahogany, belge which has black hairs mixed in with red, solid black and black with tan points. The ears may be cropped or uncropped.

The tail is usually, but not always, docked short. The most distinguishing feature of this breed is the face. He has a short muzzle with the nose placed high between the eyes in good specimens and the nose is lower set on dogs of lesser quality. The eyes are large and appealing. Many people see the dog's expression as almost human while others think he looks monkey-like. An ungroomed rough coat may be matted and look very unkempt.

Before and After grooming The Brussels Griffon can take on many different faces when found in shelters.


We hope by including some of those faces here it may help you identify any that you may see in these situations. If you should happen to come across a Brussels Griffon in a shelter or otherwise needing rescue, please contact one of our volunteers.

If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for a "rescued" Brussels Griffon, please read over the rules and regulations for adopting in our Adoption Contract. If you feel comfortable with these conditions, you may then fill out an Adoption Application and send it in to the address listed on the application. You will then be notified when a dog becomes available that we feel would be a good match for you. We are also in need of foster families. The Paws of Winter program has been set up to help adopt or care for the needs of our senior or special needs Griffons.

NBGR is experiencing an alarming increase in the number of older Griffons into our system.

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We do not want to turn these dogs down; however, we need your assistance to provide a loving and pain free path for them during this walk down the winter path.

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windtrotter brussels griffon

Information from this site may be downloaded and printed for personal use only.Welcome to the wonderful world of the Brussels Griffon! This brochure answers some frequently asked questions to assist you with deciding if this breed is right for you. The Griffon is extremely alert and takes note of all activities in the household. This intelligence, coupled with their loving personalities, make the Brussels Griffon an excellent house pet.

There are four coat colors: red, black, black and tan, and belge which is red and black mixed, giving the coat a shaded look. In addition, there are two coat types, rough and smooth.

The wiry haired rough coat is dense and somewhat harsh to the touch. The rough coat is hand stripped short on the body and left somewhat longer on the leg furnishings and the face to form a beard. The smooth coat is short, tight and glossy, similar to that of a Boston Terrier.

The smooth-coated Griffon will not have a beard and furnishings. The two coat types give the Griffon a different look, but the dog underneath is the same.

In fact, the two coats appear interchangeably, as both coat types are often born in the same litter of puppies. How was the breed developed? The Brussels Griffon, like many dog breeds in existence today, was developed by combining other breeds to select for certain traits that long-ago breeders found desirable. Each of the breeds used in the development of the Brussels Griffon provided unique traits that make the breed the delightful little companion he is today.

The King Charles black and tan and Ruby Toy Spaniels legacy can be seen in the occasional kink tailed, web footed or tailless Griffon that sometime appears — these dogs often have the most extreme, desirable head type.

The crossbreeding of the Pug, Toy Spaniels, and Affenpinscher all contributed to the domed head, large expressive eyes, up-swept jaw and flat face of our current day Griffon. The Brussels Griffon has evolved from the scruffy stable ratter into the delightful little companion we know today. Brussels Griffons are not a common breed, and obtaining one will take some diligence on your part. This site will also link to several other educational sites about the breed, including the American Kennel Club site www.

You will need to be very proactive in your search because breeders do not always have puppies available. Since Brussels Griffons are toy dogs, they often have small litters and are difficult to breed. As a result, the number of Griffons available is exceeded by the demand, and many breeders will maintain a waiting list.

By being patient and establishing a sincere dialogue with the breeder, the resourceful seeker can be successful in obtaining a Brussels Griffon.

As the dialogue between a potential pet owner and breeder proceeds, be prepared to answer questions that pry into your personal life and motivation for obtaining a dog. You may have to travel a long distance to find a breeder, who will be evaluating you as a candidate for one of their beloved pets. The responsibility for the puppy bought from such a person ends when the puppy is sold. Conversely, a dedicated hobby breeder carefully selects dogs for their breeding program that exhibit the correct characteristics and temperament to produce quality offspring.

Such a breeder will take responsibility for all dogs they have produced for their lifetimes. These animals will undergo careful medical screening. When such a breeder plans a litter of puppies, they are working to improve upon the parents and produce puppies that are as close to the breed standard as possible. The time, expense, dedication, and love that dedicated hobby breeders put into their breeding programs will bring you a happy, healthy, well adjusted pet that will be your companion for many years to come.

Ethical breeders will sell you the dog already spayed or neutered; some breeders may also use the limited registration option, where the AKC registration form states the puppy or dog can be shown in AKC performance events obedience, agility, lure coursing, etc only.Meet Sally. Sally is a extra adorable. Meet Ashley. Ashely is 2 months old and a Brussels Griffon mixture. Ashley is a very adorable. Meet Lucy. Lucy is 2 mons old and a Brussels Griffon mixture.

She is a very cute playful puppy she.

Brussels Griffon Breeders

Cash is 33 pounds. Wirehaired Terrier mixture, and good with dogs and children. No cats. Griffey is a four year old, sixteen pound lap dog who loves to have his person around him!

This boy is fine with other dogs but really he is most interested…. He loves love, chillin on the couch at Wesley. Sort Dogs by Sally Brussels Griffon Puppy Female. Breed Brussels Griffon. Age Puppy. Gender Female.

Maximal subset

View Details. Ashley Brussels Griffon Puppy Female. Lucy Brussels Griffon Puppy Female.

windtrotter brussels griffon

Breed Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Age Adult. Gender Male. Griffey Brussels Griffon Adult Male.The Brussels Griffon, named for the city of his origin, Brussels, Belgium, is a lively, sturdy little fellow, classified as a member of the Toy Group due to his small size.

Adults usually range in weight from six to twelve pounds. The enchanting breed of the Brussels Griffon would not be what it is today without the establishment and continued evolution of the American Brussels Griffon Association. ABGA is the linchpin that connects the past, manages the present, and plans for the future. Whether members actively compete in conformation, tracking or just want a quality dog, ABGA helps provide those opportunities.

The Brussels Griffon is a darling little scamp, sweet and expressive, playful and affectionate. Brussels Griffons can be perfect for those with the time and inclination to give them what they need. Look for one of the best companions you can ever choose! Find a Brussels Griffon through reputable breeders. The time and effort invested in finding a Brussels Griffon from a reputable breeder will be worth it in the end. Since then, the ABGA has been the linchpin in the US that connects the past, manages the present and plans for the future.

We are…. Club President, Raul J. Many adjectives describe this delightful breed. The Brussels Griffon standard includes: intelligent, alert, self-important, sturdy, square, compact, thickset, short back, and having an almost human expression. It is the face that makes this breed unique. Known for their complete devotion to their immediate families, they thrive on affection.

The Brussels Griffon excels in conformation the show ringobedience, agility, rally trials, tracking tests and as therapy dogs. They are wonderful little family members who are comfortable with a hike, romp in the snow, snuggle on the sofa, or taking up most of your bed at night.

Skip to content. Welcome to the American Brussels Griffon Association.Often described as "full of self-importance," the terrier-like Brussels Griffon is happy, spunky, spirited, and comical. His adept climbing skills, coupled with his curiosity and imagination, can get him into trouble.

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Be watchful that he does not end up too high, where he could fall and break his neck. An alert watchdog, the Brussels Griffon may become friendly with guests or he may be cautious or even shy with new people and new situations.

Socialization is a must to promote a confident, stable temperament. Most Brussels Griffons are fine with other family pets, but if they perceive an invasion of their space by a strange dog, they can display great ferocity, though it is mostly bluff and bluster. This is not an eager-to-please breed! The Brussels Griffon has a clever mind of his own and without a firm hand can be demanding and manipulative. Training him to walk calmly on a leash may take time and patience, for he can be obstinate and may pitch a fit of acrobatic leaping and flinging himself about.

If you can chuckle at some of his eccentricities yet remain firm about the general rules of the household, the Brussels Griffon is very pleasant and entertaining to live with. Like most breeds of terrier heritage, he is proud and sensitive and may become defensive if handled harshly or teased. This is not a breed for small children. Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding.

Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. Brussels Griffons are not suited to young children, no matter how well-meaning the child.

Children cannot help being clumsy, and that a child meant well is little solace to a Brussels Griffon who has been accidentally stepped on, sat on, rolled on, squeezed, or dropped onto the patio. Many Brussels Griffons feel overwhelmed by the loud voices and quick movements that children can't help making — and stress and fearfulness even defensive biting may be the result.

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Is easy to carry Looks like a little terrier Comes in a rough wiry coat that doesn't shed much Also comes in a short coat if you prefer that but that one sheds Is one of the spunkiest toy breeds Takes himself very seriously which can be amusing to watch Makes a keen watchdog Doesn't need a lot of outdoor exercise A Brussels Griffon may be right for you.

If you don't want to deal with The fragility of toy breeds see below The fine line you need to walk with toy breeds, where you need to protect their safety, yet require them to stand on their own four feet and be well-behaved Stubbornness a mind of his own Excitable barking when strangers or strange dogs approach Regular trimming of the rough wiry coat Notorious housebreaking difficulties Waiting lists hard to find and a high price tag A Brussels Griffon may not be right for you.

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We have bred show quality Jersey cattle for many yrs,and have been breeding the wonderful Griffon breed for 11 yrs now. I saw the griffons at another kennel,and fell in love with them,after much research,and talking with other breeders we decided we wanted to breed them,so our 1st pair was purchased in ,Ernie Lee,and IzzyAnn. Our little man as we call Ernie is a handsome red rough,and IzzAnn was a beautiful belge,we totally fell head over hills in love with them.

Rich,and I have children from previous marriages,but don't have any togather so these are our children. Our IzzAnn just matured at 5lbs8ozs so was to small to safely breed I felt like, so she was just our beloved traveling companion,IzzAnn was the world to us,sadly on Oct. I have alot of people that contact me for info on getting another Griffon who have lost there precious little one,and I understand the pain ,and hurt they are going through,it was hard to talk about her for a long time without breaking down,and crying,we truly couldn't have loved a dog more than we loved her,so I purchased 3 of Izz's sister to start my breeding program with.

We love our Griffons like they are our children,and we want them to go to homes that will love them the same. We have some Griffs that live in our home,and some that live in our small kennel,that has heat,and air with plenty of exercise area,the ones in our home have a privacy fence in the backyard to go out for exercise,and play no one is raised on wire here,these are family,and we try to provide the best care possible for them,and if you are not able to always keep your Griffon that you have gotten from us,I will ALWAYS take them back or help find another home for them I never want them to be without a loving home.

Many of our Griffons have champion bloodlines,as we have tried to obtain beautiful Griffons that meet AKC standard that are also wonderful companions.

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Griffons are a breed that live for the time they get to spend with you,they love you with all there little hearts,and are not a breed to be shut in a pen or put in a cage away from the interaction of the family they want,and need your love,and attention,so please if you don't know for sure that you are going to be able to devote several hrs of quality time with your Griffon everyday,please reconsider getting this breed ,they nor you will be happy.

I try to be as honest as possible if there are ANY health issues discovered with your puppy at health check time. I have had several breeders not be honest with me,and I won't knowingly do that to someone else,I know most people have to struggle to make ends meet,and to be able to afford a wonderful Griffon can put a strain on some people's budget,then to get one that has health problems would be heartbreaking,and financially draining.

We have used Animal Medical Center at Marshfield,Mo for many yrs ,feel free to call,and verify the care we give our griffons. We breed all colors,and if after looking at our site you think we might have your next FAMILY member,please feel free to call or email thawkpond aol.The Brussels Griffon is square-proportioned, thickset, and compact.

windtrotter brussels griffon

This breed has good bone for its size. In temperament, Brussels Griffons are full of self-importance, and their carriage reflects this attitude. Their almost human expression attracts attention and admirers. Their coat can be rough, with hard wiry hair, which is longer around the head; or smooth, with a short glossy coat. The breed gained favor as a guard of cabs in Brussels, where their cocky but comic demeanor was probably more effective at attracting riders than dissuading robbers.

In the late s, this mixture was then crossed with the Pug, at that time extremely popular in neighboring Holland.

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The Pug mixes account for the brachycephalic head type and for the smooth-coated individuals of the breed, known then and still in some countries as the Petit Brabancon. The smooths were not initially accepted, since griffon means wiry. Bythe breed was sufficiently established to be recognized at Belgian dog shows. By the early s, the little street urchin had risen to the heights of popularity in Belgium and found itself in great demand by nobility.

In some countries, only the red rough-coated dogs are classified as the Brussels Griffon; black rough-coated dogs are known as the Belgian Griffon; and smooth-coated dogs are known as the Petit Brabancon. The spunky Brussels Griffon is full of himself, brimming with self-confidence and gusto.

These dogs are bold, playful, stubborn, and mischievous. They are usually good with other dogs and pets. They tend to bark and climb, and some can be escape artists.

Brussels Griffons make saucy companions for a family wanting an entertaining, sensitive pet. However, sensitivity and size make them a poor choice for families with young children. They can be difficult to housetrain and may suffer from separation anxiety. The Brussels Griffon is an active breed, always on the lookout for action. They need daily mental and physical stimulation, but their small size makes such stimulation possible with a robust indoor game.

They also enjoy a short walk on leash. The rough coat needs combing two or three times weekly, plus professional grooming every three months. Grooming for the smooth coat is minimal, consisting only of occasional brushing to remove dead hair. Check out the cutest small dog breeds. Learn which are good with children and which make good apartment dogs. Meet them here! Close Main Navigation Menu. Sign Up Log In. Hide Saved searches. Save search for breed. Form and Function The Brussels Griffon is square-proportioned, thickset, and compact.

Energy Level 4 out of 5. Exercise Requirements 2 out of 5. Playfulness 4 out of 5. Affection Level 4 out of 5. Friendliness To Dogs 3 out of 5. Friendliness To Other Pets 3 out of 5. Friendliness To Strangers 2 out of 5. Watchfulness 1 out of 5.

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